After many years of teaching and writing curriculum, I found a way to follow my passion. I have been asked many times, “Why are you changing careers?” The answer is simple: LOVE. Fashion allows me to express my love of differences. People often refer to how much they are similar. “We are so much alike”, is often said when we meet new people. I feel that the adventure found in life is the most exhilarating when we celebrate what makes each of us unique and different. Do I love fashion? YES! But fashion alone isn’t what finally convinced me to “do what I love”. The visible emotions I saw come over my daughter when she put on the prom dress I created for her were intoxicating. Her sheer joy and excitement filled the room as she turned and saw herself in the mirror. I was addicted! I am obsessed with creating not only clothes but also, experiences. Through the combination of exploring differences, a love for simple silhouette, and the use of textiles with defined pattern, texture, color, and drape, mixed with a touch of unexpected whimsy, I hope to create and share new fun, feminine, and flirty “fashion experiences”.


I am very lucky to have an ever-growing family. My designs are unique because they grow out of the “United Nations” that flows in and out of our house on any given day. Our family may consist of children from India, China, Haiti, Italy, Australia, Mexico, and the list could keep going. All of these children come into our lives for a variety of reasons, however, it is through each of their differences I was able to built my confidence to return to school at 40 and pursue fashion.


“LOVE yourself, LOVE others, and LOVE what you wear!”

-Alexandra Lin

Alexandra Lin Designs Team

Alexandra Lin - CEO , Creative Director

Francine Knight - VP Production Development

Shawna Medvec - Director of Design and Marketing